Case Studies

Career development programs have potentials to help professionals to work on their skills for career betterment. Nowadays, wide array of strategies and activities are available that support career development. Doing so can give help professionals to get the real-life career opportunities. Below are some case studies that show how the career development programs help:

Career Advancer 

Introduction and Background

Carlos has been working as a Quality engineer in a reputed organization for the past 10 years. During this period, he has acknowledged various negative as well as positive aspects of his career. During the discussion, we come to know that Carlos had an interest towards advertising, but he pursued a degree in engineering to make a career in IT industry. After completing his graduation, he got a good job with a handsome salary. After working in the industry for around 10 years, he started feeling like he is receiving nominal increases in his salary and now he certainly feel he is underpaid.

Proposed Solution

LSSBBAfter discussing his roles and responsibilities during his working experience and found that he worked as a team leader for various years. His only concern was salary growth. Considering his 10 years’ experience in QA, we have recommended him to go for Lean Six Sigma Black Belt (LSSBB) from MSys Training. LSSBB helped him to grow his professional skills that help him in getting a new job with a good salary hike.

Trainers at MSys training help him to sharp his communication and personal skills too. Now, he is working with the Fortune 500 firm with good salary and live stress free life.


Major Outcome

MSys Training helps him to refine his skills and polished his networking abilities. The LSSBB helped him to explore the job market. Carlos has now joined one of the Fortune 500 companies as a QA team lead.


Career Transitioner

Introduction and Background

Jeff is a working professional with one of the reputed firm in the California. He has total 8 years of experience into IT and he is very passionate about his work. Even after working for so long in the same industry, he cannot see any growth and concern about the same that led to mental stress. He also has an experience in handling team in the absence of his manager.

Proposed Solution

CAPMDuring the counseling session, we come to know that he is really good with his work and has a great team handling skills as he do in the absence of his manger. After having a thorough discussion on his career profile, we understand that he had not done any certification or any additional courses that can help him to achieve his career goals. Considering his knowledge, skills and experience, we recommend him to go for the project management course offered by MSys, a leading training provider in the USA.

He joined their CAPM certification course and clear the exam. Being certified from the best training provider, he come across better job opportunities and get a good hike in his salary. Now working with the global firm as a team lead and happy with his career growth.

Major Outcome

The MSys CAPM certification helped Jeff to explore his skills and credibility, which boost his self-confidence and fill him with the energy to sharp his skill and come across better opportunities.

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