ITIL Newbie Commits Following Mistakes While Adopting ITIL

While stepping into IT service management, newly certified ITIL professionals are full of dynamism and vigor. However, many professionals are not aware that clearing a ITIL certification is just the first step towards the long tale journey. Adopting IT service management’s ITIL Framework requires a complete understanding of the breadth and depth of changes that might arise around organizational resources, technology and processes. Clear vision with proper business planning is important for adopting the ITIL process across the organization.

Being in the training industry for a quite long now, I have seen many newbies who commit some common mistake while implementing tools and techniques of ITIL. Here is a common mistakes made by newly certified ITIL professionals:

Certified and All Set for Shouldering the Responsibilities


For being successful in ITSM, ITIL certification is not everything. The lifecycle of service learnt by an applicant during ITIL course is a simplified version of a complex IT service management concepts. This does not offer the thorough guidance for gaining the benefits of ITIL to an organization.



More Process Centric than Service Centric

The professionals who have recently passed the ITIL certification majorly focus on process stabilization before gaining a understanding of the services and products offered by the organization. This can lead to a dreadful result as the decision is made by only considering process stabilization.

Highly Process Driven

After completing the ITIL Foundation training, professionals desire to make all moves in the right direction. In this attempt, they usually set up different groups to manage problems, incidents and making changes that arise in a project. With respect to IT Service Management concepts, this is a counter-productive. Hence, it is very important for newbies to understand that not all processes requires a devoted team. Usually process is a set of activities that can be handled by single resource. Therefore, the main focus of ITIL professional should be procedures that depend on several activities of a particular process.

Trying to Lead Project Single Handedly


TIL work on the fact that IT depends on support from several businesses. Hence, IT needs to work together to achieve the business requirements. The Newbie ITIL professional tries to implement a project single handedly, but implementing a process or tool without proper guidance can be a risk for business.



Neglect Business Requirement while Creating a Service Catalog

A service catalog is designed to bridge the gap between IT deliverables and business expectations. It is a good practice to document the services offered by IT to different firms while designing a service catalog. Hence, mapping the offered services to the expected business outcomes can bridge the gap between business expectations and IT service.

Hence, it’s very important for newly certified ITIL professionals to take time to develop practical expertise and gain industry wide experience to utilize their ITIL knowledge.


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